Mural artists in front of installed mural

The Discovery mural is inspired by the intersections among art, science, and technology and designed to allow the viewer to experience the mural through different angles over time. From afar, the mural serves as a celebration of the diversity of Wisconsin scientists. It features known historical and contemporary scientists all captured in the process of “doing” using vibrant, lively colors. They are complemented by anonymous figures to hold space for the multitudes of scientists who have been historically unrecognized, underrepresented, or lost to the inequities in the sciences. These figures are all set among a Wisconsin-inspired “landscape of science” based on scenery from the driftless region.When looking closer, the landscape reveals visual patterning to represent different scientific fields that are clustered into broad themes (environmental sciences, medicine and health, data science/machine learning, microbiology/microbiomes, scientific tools, and organization of ideas). While each theme is separate and defined, the interplay of science imagery within the landscape symbolizes the interconnectedness of research and the importance of interdisciplinary collaborations that advance our understanding of the world around us. Up close, the mural becomes interactive and educational with 9 hidden QR codes that can be actively discovered while viewing.