Biomedical Imaging

The Biomedical Imaging theme at Morgridge is extremely important in the context of advancing technologies to better diagnose, treat, and diseases in modern medicine. It allows us to see visualize the internal parts of the human body. This research group encompasses the Multiscale Imaging Initiative, which actively develops imaging approaches for the Morgridge Institute for Research and the larger UW Madison community. It is also home to investigators Melissa Skala and Kevin Eliceiri.

Melissa Skala’s lab develops biomedical optical imaging technologies for cancer research, cell therapy, and immunology. They are particularly focused on the development of personalized cancer treatment strategies and more effective therapy forms. This is uniquely done using photonic, or light-based technology.

The Morgridge Fab Lab, led by Kevin Eliceiri, is a campus-wide facility that encourages collaboration and provides space for investigators who are looking to experiment and work on designs for biomedical research and other similar uses.

The Prototype Pathway is what funds collaborations between working undergraduates in the Fab Lab and health professionals at the University. This is done with the support of the BerbeeWalsh Foundation.